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Graduate Support

If you're just out of university and are looking for your first job, it can seem like a hugely daunting prospect. At Lamonby Recruitment we are here to help. After all, we understand how important it is after all your hard work and dedication at University to secure the right role that matches your skills and knowledge.

While it's tempting to apply for jobs at random, you'll have a much better chance of success if you research, decide what it is that you want to do, and tailor your applications accordingly.

Our specialist consultants will guide you through this process step by step, helping to arrange interviews, deal with salary negotiations and benefit packages.
You can visit our ‘Job Seekers’ page that will give you further guidance and advice including how to write a professional CV and covering letter. You'll also find some helpful tips for dealing with interviews.

When working with Lamonby Recruitment be assured that our consultants will take the time to build an established and solid working partnership with you by offering trust, commitment, integrity and passion.

One of our main aims at Lamonby Recruitment is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience that is unrivalled by our competitors with an ambition to always exceed your expectations.


If you've finished university and about to embark on your new career you may be thinking of relocating. This is often the case with many of our graduates.

Lamonby Recruitment will help with providing information and guidance on doing just this. It’s not just about finding you the right position but making sure it’s the right environment for you.