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CV Advice

Lamonby Recruitment want to ensure that you are successful right from the start of your job search and this all begins with your CV so it’s important that you make a strong impact.

Helpful tips to writing the perfect CV.
Content and presentation is key to making a good first impression. In order for your CV to be effective you must include accurate qualifications, skills and experience. You need to also think about layout, design and words used, does it sound like you? All the above will play a key role into securing an interview. Make sure the client is able to gather a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities, this means ensuring that all achievements and skills are shown as well as any sales figures if this relates to your position.

• Download our free CV template to get you started.
• Tailor your CV, ensure you are reaching out to your preferred target market.
• List all skills you feel necessary that may enhance your CV over others such as Languages and IT skills.
• Keep it tidy and easier on the eye, this means no boxes, shading or columns.
• Always check spelling and grammar.
  Do Not
• Tell a lie, many companies investigate details on candidates CV so you WILL be found out.
• Include a photo unless requested. This includes company logos as it can make your masterpiece look untidy.
• List all courses you have ever attended, keep it relevant to your target job.

If where possible always send your CV with a separate covering letter attached introducing yourself and re-highlighting your skills, this shows the client you have put time and effort together in applying to their position and will only ever enhance your application.

Download our CV Template in Microsoft Word format

CV Checklist…
1. Are you happy with the presentation, is it easy to read?
2. Have you eliminated all irrelevant information?
3. Have you included everything that you will help get you this opportunity?
4. Have you proof read and checked spelling?
5. Have you left the client wanting to find out more about you?